Friday, April 10, 2020

Small Additions to the Site!

Greetings!  A few profile improvements have been rolled out to the site.  I've listed these changes below.  Please let me know if you have any questions or problems with the new features by emailing me at  I hope everyone is healthy, safe, and still finding some time to get lost in the woods!

"My Finds By Day of the Year" Summary - The "My Finds By Day of the Year" chart now includes a summary at the top stating how many days of the years you have cached, how many times you've filled the grid, and how many days you have to cache to fill the grid again.

Difficulty/Terrain Summary - The "Difficulty/Terrain of Caches I've Found" section now includes a summary of how many D/T combinations you've found, how many times you've filled the "Fizzy" grid, and how many more D/T combinations you need to fill it again.  A similar summary will be added to the Jasmer grid soon!

Average Distance from Home - The "My Caching Radius" section now includes the average distance to your finds from your home.  This average is displayed above the bar graph showing the distances of finds from your home.

Birthday Cache Finds Ranking - The Birthday Cache Finds ranking now shows how many different days a cacher has found birthday caches out of the 366 days of the year in addition to their total number of birthday caches found. For example, a cacher may have found 100 total birthday caches but only found them on 68 days out of 366.