Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Add a Lab Cache to Your Milestone List

Last month we further integrated lab caches into your profile by adding the option to manually list the lab caches you've found and the dates you have found them.  This information allows us to add lab caches into a bunch of your profile sections including the Caching Chronology and Most Well Rounded Day sections.  Now, you can also add a lab cache into your Milestone list by manually entering the milestone number and a title for the lab cache.  Lab caches won't automatically be added to the milestone list because we still can't know in which order they were found compared to other caches found on the same day (lab caches aren't included in My Finds PQs.)  However, we hope this manual option will help cachers show off their special lab cache milestone finds.

The option to add a lab cache to the milestone list is found on the Build My Profile page under the My Memorable Finds section.  As always, please Contact Us with any problems or questions about this new feature!  Thanks!