Wednesday, August 7, 2019

New Cache Types and Icons! has recently reorganized some of their cache types. From the blog:
"The Groundspeak Lost and Found Celebration is renamed the Geocaching HQ Celebration. This will be the cache type for the Geocaching 20th Anniversary Celebration in Seattle. We intend to host an event every 10 years with this icon. 
Also, the Lost and Found Event Cache is now the Community Celebration Event, with a new look. This is the icon for events that enable cachers to commemorate the 20th anniversary around the world during 2020." now recognizes these new cache types.  We've also updated profile images with the new cache type icons now used throughout the site.  You'll see these new icons the next time you upload your My Finds PQ to refresh your stats.

Let us know of course if you have any questions, problems, or suggestions!  You can contact us at  Enjoy!