Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Do Some of Your Cache Finds Show the Wrong Date?

Have you ever had a problem where mygeocachingprofile.com showed the wrong find date for one of your caches? This can mess up GeoStreaks, Day of the Year challenges, and the Most Well-Rounded Day stat.

This problem can happen for two reasons:
  1. You haven’t set your timezone on the site. Set your timezone on the Customize Profile page in the General Settings section. Then upload your My Finds PQ again and see if it fixes the problem. The timezone is needed to convert the find dates/times in the My Finds PQ to the time where you live.
  2. Your My Find PQ file has the wrong date/time for a cache. Even after adjusting for your timezone, sometimes we’ve found My Finds PQs that have the wrong date for a cache! This is frustrating, BUT you can fix it easily. Just go to the cache page on geocaching.com, delete your original “Found It” log, and then create it again. The next time you download a My Finds PQ, the problem should be fixed.
If you ever have this problem and can’t figure out which cache is causing a problem, just email me at contactus@mygeocachingprofile.com and I can help you! 

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Are You a Jasmer, Fizzy, or DeLorme Hunter?

If you’ve found a Jasmer, Fizzy, or DeLorme cache, you’ll be awarded a special GeoAchievement badge! However, it’s possible that I don’t know about the cache you found. If you’re not getting credit for one of these challenge caches, email me using the site’s contact form http://www.mygeocachingprofile.com/contact.aspx and I’ll add it to the master list right away. I actually rely on the community to give me a heads up about new Jasmers and Fizzys out in the wild.

Thank you so much to those adventurous cachers who help keep this list updated!

You can see the site’s full list of Fizzys here:



Geocaching Fizzy Grid with 81s