Friday, March 31, 2017

Minor Updates - Attributes and TX DeLorme

Two quick changes to the site - The rare reappearing disappearing "Partnership Cache" attribute will no longer count as a requirement for the Attribute GeoAcheivement badge.  You can still find it in the "Cache Attributes I've Found" profile section.

Also, the Texas DeLorme challenge now correctly counts Virtual caches.  The challenge cache, GC2WBQZ Lone Star State DeLorme Challenge, says you neead to find caches with "real containers" but the owner has confirmed that virtuals are allowed.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Minor Updates - Attributes and Custom Titles

A couple minor updates to the website:
  • The attributes profile section now includes both "Cacti Present" and "Lost and Found Tour" attributes, however these attributes won't be included in the calculations to determine what level Attribute GeoAchievement badge you earn.  The cactus attribute is no longer present in the system, but it is still included in several older caches.  The Lost and Found Tour attribute is very rare and is only connected to archived 10 year event celebrations.
  • The "My Fizzy (Well Rounded Cacher) Challenge," "Alphanumeric Cacher Challenge," and "Alphanumeric Cache Name Challenge" now allow you to enter longer names when you are customizing a challenge from the Extras page.
Thanks!  Please Contact Us with any questions, problems, or suggestions.  We answer every email and Facebook post!

Monday, March 6, 2017

What Day Did You Cache in the Most Countries or US States?

The "Most Well Rounded Day" section already shows which days you found the largest variety of cache types, container types, and difficulty/terrain combinations.  It now also shows which days you cached in the most countries and US states.  Are you especially proud of a one-day cross Europe caching streak?  Or, maybe you hopped in the car and drove cross-country on an epic caching run.  Show off these special days in your profile!

As with all new profile sections, if you'd like the section to appear on your profile, remember to upload your My Finds PQ to generate the latest stats and then do a one time copy/paste of all your profile HTML from the "Preview and Export Profile" page over to your "Bio" profile settings.

And, please Contact Us with any questions, problems, or suggestions.  We answer every email and Facebook post!

OK, admittedly not the most impressive well rounded country day...I'll work on it :)