Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Changes to Milestones and Cacher Rankings / Some New Chronology Stats!

A few updates have been made to three different sections of the website.  First, the Milestones section now properly takes your lab cache finds into consideration when determining the order of your finds.  As a reminder, lab caches aren't included in the geocaching.com "My Finds" pocket query, so you have to manually list your lab caches and the dates you found them in the Additional Caching Information section of the Build My Profile page.  Also, if you manually tell the Milestone section to count a specific cache as one of your milestones, it will now offset the rest of the milestones from that manually entered cache.  That way you can manually correct one milestone and the rest should carry on properly from that point.

The Cacher Rankings page has also been expanded to include rankings by the number of cache type finds.  For example, you can see the top finders of just virtual caches or event caches.  As a reminder, the Cacher Rankings page only ranks mygeocachingprofile.com users who have uploaded their My Finds pocket queries within the last year.

And finally, a new set of statistics has been added to the My Caching Chronology section.  You can now see how long it took you to get your fastest 100, 500, and 1000 caches.

As always, please Contact Us with any questions, problems, or suggestions!  Thanks!