Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Encryption resources to help you solve mystery caches

Unknown or mystery geocaches often use encryption to obscure a set of coordinates or a message. Geocachers have to figure out what encryption method is used in the puzzle and then crack the code. If you're like us, it sometimes feels like you have to search and search before you find a good tool or utility to help you with the decryption. The new Encryption Resources page in the Extras section will provide decryption tools that can be used to solve these puzzles. We hope you find it helpful!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Well-rounded cacher tool and other extras

Did you notice the new Extras link on the menu? Extras is a place for other geocaching tools and features that aren't directly related to your profile. The first tool is meant to help you track your progress on different well-rounded cacher challenges. It allows you to customize a "Well-Rounded Cacher" challenge and then generate an image showing your progress. There are many "Well-Rounded Cacher" challenges each with their own specifications. For example, see GC15NNY and GC16QQZ. If you are working on one of these challenges, you can customize this page for the specific requirements and then upload your pocket query file from the My Account page to update the image of your progress. Include the image in your profile by copying the provided HTML to your profile. Or copy and send a link of the image to the cache owner to show them your progress! If you're working on a well-rounded cacher challenge that has a requirement that we haven't accounted for, let us know and we'll see if we can add it.

Track your progress on the Georgia DeLorme Challenge

We've added a profile section for tracking your progress on the GA DeLorme Challenge. Upload your latest Pocket Query file on your My Account page to try it out. We'll continue to add sections for other states as soon as we can.