Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Two New Additions - FTF Options and Newly Formatted "My Finds By Day of the Year" Chart

Two new additions are live on the site!

1)  The My Memorable Finds profile section has two new options for how you can display your First to Finds.  The first is a drop-down where you can choose how many of your FTFs you'd like to show in detail in your profile - all of them (up to 400), 10, 25, 50, 100, 250, or there is the option to only show the number of FTFs without details.  The second option allow you to decide whether you want to show your most recent FTFs or your oldest FTFs.  Some people want to celebrate their 10 original FTFs!  Some want to always see their most recent 25 FTFs!  Now everyone can customize their profile however they want.  As always, Contact Us if you have any problems, questions, or if you have ideas for more settings.

2)  Recently, the "My Finds By Day of the Year" section was changed so that the months extended horizontally across the top of the chart and the days extended vertically down the chart.  This allowed room for the find counts to be visible while still fitting into the narrow geocaching.com profile space.  Now, the "old" orientation (days across the top, months down the side) is also available!  The information is much smaller and may be further reduced by geocaching.com in the profile, but it's up to you if you want to show it off. 

This chart is a "new" profile section, so if you'd like it to appear on your geocaching.com profile, remember to check off the feature on the "Build My Profile" page, upload your My Finds PQ to generate the latest images, and then do a one time copy/paste of all your profile HTML from the "Preview and Export Profile" page over to your geocaching.com "About" field on your Settings page.

Please Contact Us with any questions, problems, or suggestions!