Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Two New Caching Radius Maps

How far from home have you traveled to find a geocache?  The Caching Radius section helps visualize this data and also shows statistics such as how far north, south, east, and west you've traveled, the total distance traveled between all your caches, and the average distance you travel find a cache!  Now, there are two maps to help further illuminate these stats - one showing your most northerly, southerly, westerly, and easterly finds and another showing your nearest and farthest finds.

As with all new sections and maps, if you'd like these two maps to appear on your profile, remember to upload your My Finds PQ first to generate the latest images and then do a one time copy/paste of all your profile HTML from the "Preview and Export Profile" page over to your "About" field on your Settings page.

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