Monday, March 5, 2012

New AlphaNumeric Challenge Options!

Fans of AlphaNumeric Caching Challenges rejoice!  The current profile section for the AlphaNumeric Cacher Challenge has been expanded and now has its own Extras page where you can customize the specific challenge you're working on.  You can now decide whether special characters should be ignored, restrict finds to a specific state, exclude certain caches from the challenge, and more.

Also, we've added an entirely new section for the AlphaNumeric Cache Name Challenge.  This challenge requires that you find caches which have names starting with each number 0 through 9 and each letter A through Z.  It also has its own Extras page where you can customize details about how the challenge should work.

In addition, we've added a number of new Fizzy Well Rounded and Jasmer challenge caches to our "master" list.  If you've found any of these caches, you'll now be given credit on your Fizzy and Jasmer GeoAchievement badges.

If you have any questions or problems with these new features - Contact Us!