Monday, February 14, 2011

New MGP Features!

As Groundspeak works on migrating statistics over to, we'll still be releasing some new features here on Some of these will eventually be moved to as well!

The latest additions include the following:
  • A new Miscellaneous Statistics section that shows the average length of your "Found it" logs.

  • An updated UK/Ireland Counties Map that separates the map from the list of counties. This is helpful if you'd just like to display one or the other. If you include this section in your profile, make sure to do a fresh copy/paste of your profile HTML over to or wherever else you display your profile.

  • A new option in the Memorable Finds section that lets you just show your total FTF count instead of the entire list of FTFs.

  • A new option in the Well Rounded Cacher Challenge feature that lets you specify that caches are only valid if they were found after a specific date. Some WRC challenges ask that you only count caches that were found after you officially begin the challenge!

If you have any questions or problems with the new features, Contact Us!